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Welcome to our haflinger farm. We are proud of the quality haflinger horses we have bred and have to offer for sale. We have been training and showing quality horses and ponies since the early 1950s. We started with registered shetlands, then draft ponies, and now show quality haflingers in harness and under saddle. We are located approximately 20 miles west of Dayton and 30 miles east of the Ohio-Indiana state line in west-central Ohio. Please visit our haflinger website often because we have new horses available frequently. If you are interested in any of the haflinger horses listed, please call us at 937-884-7113 or e-mail us at odahaflingers@yahoo.com.

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Larry and Carol Oda   

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Our Haflinger Stallion

No Nukes NTF

D.O.B. 07-09-2003 Reg# 22026-03

Sire: Nasdaq NTF    Dam: Maude NTF

Nuke has a dark red chestnut color with a thick white mane and tail. He stands 14.1 hands tall. He has excellent conformation with goodbone stucture and muscle mass. He is intelligent and has a quiet disposition. Nukes is forward moving and has asmooth long stride. He possesses all the best characteristics of the haflinger breed including quality, substance, willing disposition and versatility. He passes on his looks and quality to his foals. Nukes pedigree includes the top blood lines from New Trend Farm in New York. Thay are well known breeders in the haflinger community for their great haflinger imported stock.


Breeding fee for No Nukes is $300 plus daily mare care.





Haflingers For Sale



NOTE: All of our horses are registered with the American Haflinger Registry (AHR).


Overview of our 8 Haflinger hitch.


Paytons first trophy!

Youth class driving Siera RVF































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Haflinger Pictures


More Pictures Coming Soon! 

Call or e-mail us to request a video tape of any of our haflingers in action. 


Amy Oda driving at the AHR National Show

Payton Oda our future farrier?


Amy Oda riding April Anne


Carsee Oda riding Armor HTA

Amy and Carsee Oda, Is this really Fun?

Brent and Payton horsing around!

Larry Oda driving our 4-hitch

Carsee and Cajun

Landon Oda and Miranda Dee-S

                               Larry  Oda with Malia.


Amy Oda showing N Your Dreams and New Champion Oda

St. Ricky and St. Roger on a trail drive in Amish Country.

Larry driving the six hitch. 2006

Amy Oda driving SieraRVF


Amy driving Siera and Freska ladies team class


Wally enjoying a haflinger "pedicure"!




Larry Oda and Amy Oda driving a beautiful wedding party



Amy and Payton Oda showing Siera RVF in land line class


Erica Vannarsdall riding Mammoth Rock at AHR national show.


Erica and Morgan Riding Arnie and Major

Carsee Oda and Miranda Dee-S.


Donovan Brown driving Queen Sharon LeLa


Payton and Matthew


Payton Oda driving Siera RTF



Rainbow preschool class enjoying a field trip compliments of Norway and Talk About Me SNA



Amy Oda driving Armor HTA and New Champion ODA



Brent Oda driving Siera in youth class. A blue ribbon drive!


Erika and Arnie 4-H obstacle course 7-7-2007

Haflingers in harness.


Annual Christmas parade



Annie and Sierra. Peru, Ind circus parade

Amy Oda driving Siera RVF and April Anne tandem class.


Larry Oda driving Norway


Oda Reg. Haflingers and RO-DA-O Farm 8 Haflinger hitch.

First place at Ohio State fair


Payton showing Miranda in halter class


Abundio LCO








Annie and Sierra Christmas Parade


Erica Vannarsdall riding Mammoth Rock. Introductory Dessage


Payton Oda's first lead line class with Miranda


Anderson ODA



Payton Oda Driving Niles and Mindy



Oda Reg. Haflingers unicorn hitch









In Loving memory of our daughter Lisa Oda Fede.



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 Oda Registered Haflingers
8183 St. Rt. 722 Arcanum, Ohio 45304
e-mail:  odahaflingers@yahoo.com


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